The 3D Rome project

aims to develop and divulge knowledge of the city of Rome’s  history in such a way that anyone can appreciate the transformations of the urban landscape from antiquity to the present day.

A study of the historical, archaeological, and iconographic sources has made it possible to reconstruct the city in 3D models. 

3D Rome makes it possible to travel through time:

the virtual visitor can explore the city in real time through a series of superimposable scenes that mark the main phases of the city’s development in the Roman, medieval, Renaissance, and modern periods.

In this way the lost memory of places is reassembled, making it available to the modern visitor who, by using a tablet, can receive the information in augmented reality thus finding him or herself in these places or elsewhere. Reality is transformed into a tangible hypertext that restores the memory of the city through information and sensations.

3DROME | 25/02/2016

Available on iPad and iPhone !

This application allows everyone to appreciate the transformations of Rome from antiquity until the present day, in a ... [+] more info
ELECTA | 20/12/2013
Trajan's Column is one of the few monuments of ancient Rome that has come down to us virtually intact and, at the same time, it is the largest most important surviving ancient figurative structure.

At 1900 ... [+] more info
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